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  The Dance
The music is forever, the beat keeps it together,
The movement, rhythm, tempo and the pause,
The harmonies do linger, the passion still simmers,
The melody tells the story, sets the cause.
Lively spinning and leaping; inner searching and seeking,
The meaning, seeking the truth of it all.
Such grace and such beauty, commitment, sense of duty,
Expressive and creative; willing to bear her soul.
As her dance weaved its magic, as we lovingly try to catch it,
We touch and are touched by the ring of gold.
The gold that she gave us, the gold never worth less,
The love that we give, never to grow old.
And as her dance tells its story, of life, love and glory,
We marvel at the elegance, poise and passion of it all.
For having her with us, being touched by her beauty,
We are better than we were before.
And though we already miss her, and feel the loss of her essence,
We savor memories; we cherish the loving days we shared by chance.
And as the moments start to gather, of life without her,
We will always be touched by Elizabeth's Dance.

- Jon Kehl
Bowe Design